Wednesday, October 21, 2009

John wayne was a fag.

haven't blogged in awhile.
i have been overwhelmingly uninspired as of late.
school is easy, so easy its hard. ya know...
after registering for classes, i realize that i will have NO life next semester, because, guess what...
i'm actually a fucking sophomore (thanks UA for changing the credit specifications...)
so now i am doubling up my schedule.
it's a good/scary thing. i need to get off my ass.

anyways, I need something to distract me from studying right now.

this ridiculous movie moment made me laugh for about 8 hours straight, and thanks to youtube i can relive that moment whenever.

thats all, back to studying...

primitivism, die brucke, gauguin, madonnas and olympias, yada, Yada, YADA...

no, but really, I love this stuff.

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