Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ART BOMB #1 Anne Brigman

so the stress of the semester is already getting to me. i am absolutely in love with all of my classes, but it is sure to be a dangerous, dare i say it, BAD romance.

if you see me aimlessly roaming the streets with my eyes off in a gaze, please help me find my way home. k, thanks.

alas, i am going to need some sort of outlet. thank god for blogs right?

this will be my 1st "art bomb" of quite possibly, MANY. be prepared. and please share with me what your eyes have been making love to lately.


ps. i can't decide if i will be expanding these "art bombs" with my own dialogue, but for right now my mind just can't handle it, so i will let the images speak for themselves.

Anne Brigman


  1. i love her.

    did you see antichrist? i feel like von triers got some inspiration from brigman's work especially the first and third image here.

  2. no! but now i must must must. you know me and how i have NO knowledge of contemporary film. help me!