Saturday, March 6, 2010

a few things:

I started a tumblr.

its fun. its easy. its where i will post stuff that i love and think you will too, but don't have the energy to make a REAL blog post about. so CHECK it out, for sure. (there is a link on the side)


If you haven't done so already you should check out PAINT SHIT

a new blog I am posting on with the amazing Ms. Smog, Janel and Boz

if you like art, you will like this.


today was supposed to include:


instead it has included:

-sleeping in
-ginger ale
-lindy's with mermer and andy (burgers..... mmmmm.....)
-creepy van in front of my house
-mopping my floor
-hours of Sushi Cat
-scrubbin' the tub and moppin' the bathroom
-dizzy from chemicals
-thai soup
-minimal studying

plans for the rest of the night:

-zach galifianakis on SNL
-more ganja
-TV time with Miles and JQ


SMOG!!!! you were in my dream last night!!!!

I realize this is very odd and kinda creepy considering we have never actually met, but hey, dreams are crazay like that.

anyways, it was a good one.

you were married and had a baby (one of the last things i read before going to sleep was your "domestic bliss" post) and you let me and a few friends stay at your house. You had made a piece of art that you were giving to me to put in my museum, but you had deconstructed it and made me put it back together (which was extremely difficult!!!!) then you said you would take us to sea world because you can get in for free since you lived in the neighborhood, so we go but than you tell us that only you can get in because you live there, and we would have to pay (damn!). but still, i had a great time, thank you for being a great "dream hostess".


  1. Oh my god. I am a dream queen. I love dreams, I have them so much. I am honored to be in yours and have such a great role! If you ever come to my house I will be as good a hostess and the dream hostess and it won't cost you anything. I adore you Amanda. :) Love, Smog

  2. Oh and I love your tumblr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And sounds like you have had a good day :)Sorry I'm totally amped, I just got off the radio!!! Ahhh!!!!

  3. Also, is that a picture of you on your tumblr?

  4. radio???? kxci??? what were ya doin?? do tell????

    my dream is to have a radio show but i hate my voice, so......

    and yes, that tis me! i will prob be posting more pictures on there soon. now i will "haunt" your dreams! (but in a very pleasant, playful way, just as you did in mine).

    does anyone else have a tumblr???? i feel so lonely over there... its the one thing i don't like about it, there is no communication with other users, other than liking and reposting.... boo.

  5. Oh Miss Manders, you are fucking GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have no tumblr :( I'm sorry. I'm enjoying yours tho!!!

    Now, more exclamation points for how beautiful you are:

  6. awww smog, yer makin' me blush.