Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer time and the livin's lazzzzyyy

I realize that I fail at blogging right now. For some reason I am so completely un-motivated to do anything blog/tumblr related. I don't get it. But my new goal is to document this summer and what better way to do it then through this blog>????

I have been working a SHIT load. like 7 days a week. It is awesome. I seriously need the money and it's nice to not be totally panicking about getting NO hours and little pay, like I normally do. Right now I am just trying to make as much mulah as I can before heading east, so I can stay as long as possible. So far I have a ticket there, and thats it... BUT I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I gets to see the fam and some good friends and my mom is taking me to see HAIR!! one of my all time favorite musicals...

Anyways, I have been equal parts lazy and productive so far during my summer break. I STILL haven't donated my car, made a doctors appt. or turned in my rental application but I have been making art! yes finally! I am feeling really good about finally having the time to work on stuff. I may be a crap artist, but I am enjoying myself and it feels really good to just be creating, i don't know.. there isn't really a better way to phrase that.

Some highlights of the summer so far...
*Plaza's Beer Garden
*4 seasons of Degrassi down, 6 more to go
*Twister and Lady Gaga
*New houses!
*night rides ( but i just got a flat and am too stubborn to pay for a new tube)
*sonoran hot dogs
*"God damnit, I need a fucking cup of coffee if I am gonna see someone's dick before 6 am!"
*strobe lights and cartoon cupcakes
*12 packs of Mirror Pond at UA liquors for $6.50. what the what???
*getting a call at 3:30 am to pick up my blacked out friend from the Hangart ;)

Also, my turntable works again!!! I am sooooo stoked. It's my momma's old turntable that I grew up with and she passed down to me and I thought it died a few months back, but all of a sudden its up and running again, which led to an inpromptu spin party at my house which was super super fun.

some fun things to leave you with...

tata for now,

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  1. You have made me very very happy.
    Your summer sounds great!!!!! I love it! "_O


    P.s. I'm not drunk right now but I'm typing like it, I think your blog rubbed off on me!