Friday, July 16, 2010

bon voyage.

It is kinda sad that sitting here in Tucson International waiting for my flight is the first chance in over 3 weeks I have had to sit and use the internet for more then 5 minutes uninterrupted. Airport wifi is awesome. So I thought I might take the opportunity to make a quick post in the 30 minutes I have before my flight.

best way to sum up the past two weeks is a list, (DUH!):

*JQ's last night
*who took the bike?
*no one took the bike
*Exit Through The Gift Shop = AMAZING (go see it)
*methed out lady stealing from ULTA
*omg burgers!
*omg DRUNK
*trashed house.
*Soggy Smog's Soggy Show sweet 16! (SO MUCH FUN, can not wait to do it again!)
*cough cough
*more cleaning...
*sniffle sniffle
*how do i always manage to get sick at the WORST possible times??

This week has been uber stressful. Moving is bad enough but having to clear out and clean a house by yourself is nearly unbearable. Being sick on top of it was awful, and made the process a billion times more difficult. But alas, I am completely moved, and here I am, more than ready for my amazing trip!

someone else's pictures of 4th of July debauchery:

alright, love you guys!

ps. i will have my computer with me (obvs...) for the trip, so adventure blogging! YAY!


  1. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!! Awesome post!!!!!!!!!! GREAAATTTT pics! Have a good time on your trip!!! HAVE FUNNNN!!!!!

    I'm typing as though I was shouting to you down the jetway!!! ;P

    I am going to get in touch with you and maybe our paths will cross. Infinite thumbs up for ADVENTURE BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm definitely going to try to do a post-a-day next week :)

    Love ya!

    p.s. your pics are really really fucking good!!! big ups to whoever took them!!!

  2. haha thanks! the pics are from the 4th, which was also my friends 21st birthday. Yeah... craziness.

    and yes to trip blogging! my mom goes to sleep super early, so I have just been catching up on internet time, and that means plenty time to blog each night.

  3. BIRTHDAY DEBAUCHERY! amanda you're my favorite drunk.