Tuesday, September 14, 2010

waiting for a bone to be thrown...

I feel like such a negative nancy. I have been crawling around with a total grump face for the past few days. After getting rear ended twice in the past month, the first time by and cop and the second time having totaled my NEEEWWWWWW car, and NOW being injured and uber sicky, i just want to scream.

It is so frustrating knowing that all I need is time to rest and recover from the whiplash and sickiness, but as always, there is no time.

I hate house sitting.
I hate paying for parking.
I hate shitty drivers.
I hate online quizes.
I hate waiting rooms.
I hate how being sick fucks up your taste buds, and even orange juice tastes like poop.
I hate the west side.

ok, but there are many things I LOVE.

I love Bejeweled Blitz.
I love Project Runway.
I love oriental ramen with veggies and tofu.
I love iced coffee.
I love berries of all sorts.
I love my mom.

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