Wednesday, July 22, 2009

summer means...

-staying up until 5
-sleeping until 11
-eating lots a burritos
-sun tea
-making to do lists and ignoring them
-heat stroke every time i drive my car
-horribly awkward tan lines
-ridiculous electricity bills
-vhs tapes
-18 racks of high life
-late night bike rides

also I kind of have internet now, so I have been a total hermit crab and catching up on, literally, a years worth of lost internet/blog time.

in the past 3 days i have watched about 8 hours of 30 Rock, streamed on netflix (i luv that shit)


discovered GREEN PORNO.

Green Porno is essentially Isabella Rosellini reenacting animal/bug sex. Plain and simple.

watch it now.

god bless Sundance for putting this all online.

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