Friday, July 24, 2009

dolla dolla bill yo.

Yesterday Jacque and I had a glutenous spree and spent a shit load money, ate a shit ton of food, and did a shit load of nothing. we feel like shit.

The day started by driving to Pheonix in a borrowed mini-van to IKEA. We got there about 5 mins after they opened and spent the next two hours gleefully skipping around and throwing things in our cart. In the end (as we always do) we tried to convince each other out of buying ridiculous un-necessities. we walked out both spending a lot, but of stuff we had needed and come for in the first place, (a bookcase and curtains for myself).

Next, we made the decision that would fate us... going to ARIZONA FUCKIN' MILLS...
For those of you who don't know, Arizona Mills is an obscenely huge outmall, that sucks you in and spits you out like Robin Williams in Jumanji... Cold, Unshaven, and on copious amounts of crack.

We met up with her Grandpa he treated us to lunch at the Rainforrest Cafe (amazing!) Instead of watching the animals burst out into mating calls every ten minutes, I examined a much more interesting species... The pregnant white trash mothers who takes her kids out to lunch and orders Mango flavored margaritas in glasses with flashing bottoms and gigantic plates of nachos. quite intriguing.

We had a few hours to kill before meeting up with her grandma so we chose to see the Hangover. The Hangover was the perfect movie to see because watching it involves very little, if any brain activity. I sat there and laughed relentlessly for 90 mins at shit that is so NOT funny, its FUNNY. There were several moments when Jacque and I looked at each other and shook our heads in dissapointment, "That was just tooo much..." but Secretly I was dying of laughter inside.

Well we were feeling like total JAPS (you know, of the jewish persuassion) and then we saw a Japanese photo booth at Gameworks. This machine bascially gives you ecstasy and takes the most amazing pictures of you. After your done, you get to dec them out with graphics and letters and hearts and stars and glitter and creatures. the result is this...



  1. omf fucking g those are amazing pics. amazing. i love your blog.


  2. awww girl thanks. for some reason i cant check out your blog. it says i need to be invited. so... INVITE ME!!! i need a friend.

    much love,

  3. I want to invite you, I need your email though, that's how you send the invite. I really love your blog, I have already blogged about how much I love it.

    Cheers, Smog

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