Sunday, July 26, 2009

disco stick... REALLY?

im fairly inebriated, and have come to a dreadful conclussion. i kinda like lady gaga. I understand if you hate me as much as i do myself, but i just can't hold it in any longer.

i know i will regret making this post tommorow. but.. SUCK IT> I have had "lovegame" stuck in my head all night, and it hasnt been a total bummer.

This chick as stupid as shit, but i gotta give credit where its due. She has put out some catchy stuff.

so heres to you ladygaga... i kinda like you.


  1. I did some research on her a while ago and I think she might be smart in a part slutty, part musically talented, part dance dance kind of way. (side note: researching her might make me dumb...)

  2. Ive heard that. Well at least your well read on the ladygaga conundrum

  3. You have to see this interview - she is certifiably insane. But i kinda like her, too. She's nothing if not a bit intriguing.