Friday, August 7, 2009

so i've been ultra lazy ever since i got back. the trip was great. i had a fantastic time. since my mind is mush right now, i'll just make a list.

-lost luggage
-SONIC fuckin' YOUTH
-so sweaty
-luggage recovered
-busted toilet
-record shops!
-powell's book store (MECCA)
-house show
-disembodied crawfish
-random tucson people
-arian in his underwear, all the time
-nude beaches
-failing st.
-bikes (kinda)
-Todd's amazing house, and his Hawaiian friend who sang motown with me
-BEER and ganja
-Twinkle the dog!
-my lady loves. patsy, ariel, lia, nika
-Funny People and MOON (holy shit, sam rockwell)
-blackberries from the bush

it was a beautiful week, and if anything showed me i need to get out of tucson way more often.