Sunday, August 30, 2009

what you've all been waiting for...

After much deliberation and several test runs, the work of myself and those who have all helped along the way, has finally payed off, and I am finally ready to set the rules in stone for the...


DRINK everytime...

*Tobias says something gay
*Barry Zuckercorn says something gay

*anyone says "come on!"

*Buster says "Hey" brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, etc...

*Buster massages someone
*Lucille is holding a drink, or anyone refers to her being a drunk
*There is an awkward interaction between George Michael and Maebe
*Gob says "Illusion!"
*anyone mispronounces Gob's name
*Gob or anyone says "I think I've made a huge mistake"

*anyone says "Annyong"
*anyone says "NO TOUCHING!"
*Gob is on a segway
*Uncle Oscar alludes to being Buster's father

*part of the house falls apart or they mention "Home fill"

*anyone says "her?"
*anyone says "Steve HOLT!"
*the George Michael Star Wars video plays

*Michael calls or refers to Ann as something else. ie: egg, yam, hog
*the one armed man is used to teach a lesson

*there is a bleep or an airhorn
*anytime a newspaper excerpt is shown
*anyone impersonates a chicken
*anytime a cop beats someone with a billy-club

for super fans:

*anytime the show makes references to past episodes (besides flashbacks) *anytime the show hints at what is going to happen later in the episode or in future episodes. ie: buster loosing his hand

please play responsibly.


  1. So to sum up the rules drink non-stop while watching Arrested Development? This seems responsible enough.

  2. Good god. If I followed these rules I would be dead after 5 minutes.

    Let's play!!

    And can we also drink when they sing "For British Eyes Only" or MR. F! ?

  3. o man, awesome. i always want to drink anyway while watching ad bc of lucille.

  4. janel, yes the point is to get obliterated!

    brittany, hell yes lets play asap, its what ive been doing pretty much all summer.

    and gleopatra, greetings and salutations.

  5. i second everything, those are excellent rules

  6. I just came across this and am going to copy paste all of the post because it's a great idea. Thanks.