Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm boring.

I've felt unbelievably bored lately, by everything really. Not to say that I haven't been doing anything or that I haven't been busy as shit, but at the end of everyday I find myself saying. "what did i even do today??"

anyways, i hate to be a whiny bitch, so a few things.

I partied at the seasons the other night. and for those of you who don't know what that is...
Imagine a five star resort in vegas, LITTERED with empty Keystone and Busch 30 racks, full to the brim with kids you thought (i emphasize this because as much as these kids annoy the shit out of me, they are so dumb their smart, and they are ALWAYS down to party, so really, whats not to love??) you hated in college. oh yeah, and Stripper poles!

despite it being a complete 360 from my normal scene, I had a fuckin' blast. everyone pretty much keeps there doors open and you go from apartment to apartment taking jello shots and drinking bottomless amounts of liquor. we got wasted and it was awesome. I had no idea that was where we would end up that night, and i stuck out like a sore thumb with my torn dress, rip-off Members Only jacket and shredded birkenstocks. I was the bell of the ball.

(Brittney, I know you'll probably read this and in advance, I'm so sorry! I'm a total ditz.)
saw Inglourious Basterds, it blew my fuckin' mind.

A few nights ago I went to my amigo, Nick Bunch's art opening. He is truly truly talented and I suggest everyone go check it out. It is a joint show with another amazingly talented artist (Amanda Pants) and it will be up for the next month or so at the Center for Creative Chaos, right next to Epic on 4th ave. GO!

aside from that, schools alright, works a bore but thank god for cool co-workers and I'll be 21 in 2 weeks. But for right now, I got a date with some sweatpants, some cigarettes and some crosswords.

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