Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 years ago??? really???

well happy belated holidays kids. not like anybody gives a shit. holidays means good food, good booze and pointless gifts. everyone who I love knows it, and gifts on Christ's birthday doesn't prove shit. that being said, i still love the ridiculous decor and festiveness of holidays, but that is just the because of the Kitch Queen that lives in me.

anyways, at work (despite the complaints of several co-workers, who shall go un-named) we have been listening to A LOT of the 90's station on XM radio. For those of you who have access to the station, start listening NOW and never stop. Even those who were resistant at first have warmed up to it. It is truly amazing, and you learn to love the worst of the decade. I will admit, I have been subject to a kitchen sing-a-long of "Satellite" by Dave Matthews. I know! SHOOT ME!

but on a good day, you are guaranteed to hear all of these:

a-HA a-HA

i wanted to be mariah carey sooooooo bad. who am i kidding, i STILL want to be mariah carey

oh sweden. THANK YOU.

"me and the crew used to ta do her"
(ps. this video is 20 {!!!!} years old)

i'm sure she is sick of hearing this, but no, Alanis, that is NOT ironic.

I could go on forever with this post, but I am sure you get the point.

You can continue the magic by sharing your favorites with me!

ps. really wanted to post Mr. Boombastic by Shaggy but embedding is disabled, bastards!!


  1. I am OBSESSSSSSSSSED with 90s Mariah. The vhs MTV unplugged from 92 or 93 is on my top five favorite vhs tapes of all time. Like, no joke, sometimes people say it's great but they mean top 100 great. She's seriously number two.OMFFFFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGaaahhhhhhhhh I love her. My Mariah vinyl is pretty extensive too. Not to toot my own horn.

    And I also must point out, as you did that some of that stuff is way older than ten years. Like, the difference between like, 1999 and the difference between, like, 1996, is like, way big. And like the difference between, like, 1996 and between, like, 1990 is like way way big.

    Sorry if I'm dumb, but where do you work? I like that you are bumping 90s jams... please say like Macy's lingerie or something :)

    My current favorite band is Sugar Ray, I only recently this year got into them (having hated them in the actual 90s) and I really really like their music. Good times.

    I also came up on like 5 (no joke) boxes of Yo! MTV Raps! Trading Cards.... so amazing. I wish I had a scan for you. There was a scratcher inside every pack that you could scratch and win a Yo! MTV Raps! Satin Jacket... holy shit, that would be amazing. And a bunch of other stuff like you could be on the show. I opened LITERALLY hundreds and hundreds of packs of these cards and didn't win SHIT but that's okay because I got all the amazing trading cards with all the 90s popular rappers. Like of course 6 or 7 Tupacs, Biggies, and Public Enemys and lots of Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer but there were other great ones, there were two different Biz Markies I remember and other great ones. Ahhhhhhhhhh, rap. So great.

    Okay. Love your blog, as usual Miss Amanda.
    Happy Holidays to you too :)

  2. i luvvvvv you smog.

    my roomie and i recently had a mariah night where we watched about 500 videos of her. my favorite (of course) is honey, her favorite is heartbreaker.

    i am salivating over the thought of those Yo! MTV Raps! cards. what a fucking find. and yes, the satin jacket would have been nothing short of AMAZING!

    i work at BENTLEYS! get some coffee sometime soon.

  3. I got a Mariah DVD, Destinys Child DVD and a Mariah VHS (and like some earrings and other junk) at Bookmans as Shopper of the Day and got them all for FREE!!!!!!!!!! It was an amazing day. I like the Unplugged in 93 because you can see so far down her throat when she's singing, it's amazing. And she's so young and beautiful. I also have serious, serious, serious love in my heart for Salt n Pepa, TLC and En Vogue. I have a lot of early 90s 12" singles (LOVE IT).

    Speaking of 90s... are you totally stoked for Sonic Youth????!!!!!

    Happy Newest Year,

  4. OH GOD I AM THE BIGGEST EN VOGUE FAN. i saved up my allowance for weeks and made my mom drive me to the record store the day that EV3 came out. I was obsessed. but yes salt n pepa and TLC are goddess' in their own right.

    we are best friends smog.

    and yes, let sonic youth week commence! souper excited!

    happy blue beards,