Thursday, December 10, 2009

the amanda manifesto.

I can't seem to focus on studying for Latin (what else is new).

I just finished my ONLY paper of the semester. Can you fucking believe it! ONE PAPER, for an Art History major, none the less. As always, I was pretty late in the game with starting, but after about 2 days straight of reading/analyzing/writing I was able to create something quasi-interesting and intelligent sounding. If anything it got me totally stoked for my schedule next semester which will include 4 Art History courses, 3 of which have writing emphasis. Be ready for the nerd to emerge, because so far I have been VERY reserved.

I am still not sure where my main interest in the field lies, but it really isn't too important for me since I most likely won't be continuing my education to stay in a University/academic setting. While my grandpa is adamant about me getting my Ph.D, I just nod my head and smile (ha.).

This winter break my main focus will be to read ALL the things on me "READ THIS SHIT" list and sleep. seriously, I need to eat for 2 days straight and find a cave to nestle in for about a month. After a full semester of close to no work and very little inspiration, I am scared to death of the thought of actually being a "real" student again. I need to start a new, and drop all the awful habits I acquired these past few months. Unfortunately, that might mean ending my netflix subscription ( the HORROR!).

ANYWAYS, who wants to start a new movement with me?

after a week of reading and writing about 20th century manifestos I really want to make one of my/our own. so friends, peers, artists/scientists/writers alike (you know who you are) lets brainstorm and start a revolution.

for some inspiration:

read it here, seriously, Marrinetti is insane.

dada, DaDa, DAAADAAA!

who's in?

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  1. i'm totally in, as long as i get to drive the fish car.

    let's take over the world over winter break.