Saturday, January 16, 2010

about once every year...

i remember bjork.

i have always been a decent fan of her music. but really the selling point for me with bjork, is her videos.

I have not seen a single video of hers that i don't like, but to keep it simple i'll just share a few of my favorites.

{watch the videos, after the jump}

bald bjork becomes a baby blue bear

bjork in her birthday suit secretes red rope licorice from her nips

in one orifice, out the other

and because this is a bjork post, i feel the need to share this.


  1. yes! hunter is one of my faves, as well as that one with the pinecone? maybe thas not bjork, but i feel like it is.

  2. Totally, her videos are awesome. I have two of the dvd collections and probably as you say about once a year sit down and just bjork out. She's really great in Drawing Restraint 9, if you haven't seen that you gotta check it out. Totally awesome graphic epic art movie.

    Love ya,

  3. i should just buy the dvds because over the years i have prob spent about the amount it would cost to own it (if not more) by renting them from casa.

    yeah drawing restraint 9 is pretty rad. i was so excited because this semester I am taking 2 contemporary art courses and one of my books has matthew barney from his Cremaster cycles on the cover. they make a great pair.

    i really dig the video for wanderlust (one of her newer ones), and apparently it was initially made in 3D!

    also, if you guys haven't seen the videos of her performing with dirty projectors, stop what your doing and watch 'em now!