Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh, those sex fueled, drug crazed brit teens.

in netflix streaming news:


Miranda first introduced this show to me a few months back, but I only got to see about 20 minutes of one episode and wasn't initially hooked. Recently however, it was recommended to me on netflix, and in case you didn't know, I do what the netflix gods tell me to. To make a not so long story even shorter... I started watching and didn't stop for about 9 hours.

This show single handedly destroyed my goal of going to sleep at a decent time the night before classes started again. Instead, I stayed up until 4:30 am until I had finished the finale to the 1st season.

So, anyways, the show... Each episode follows one character and delves a little deeper into their background and who they are. We basically learn the following about each character:

*how fucked up their parents are
*who they are fucking or have fucked or will fuck
*what their ass, dick or tits look like (yes, that is right, that is what i said. thank you BBC!)
*what kind of pills they are taking
*what they look and sound like when vomiting
*what mental disorders they suffer from
*or maybe even *gasp* they are VIRGINS (thats right Sid, i'm talking about you buddy)

this poor kid has everyone and their mother trying to get him laid, even if it means making their own girlfriends doink him. At least he isn't nailing the Psych teacher (that one was for you Chris).

This show is awesome. Any show that makes you REALLY uncomfortable for about 44 mins uninterupted gets my kudos. There are so many cringe worthy moments, and I can't get enough.

the little kid from About A Boy aint so little anymore. he plays the show's uber sexed out leading man. THAT IS REASON ENOUGH!

embedding was disabled (bastards!) but it is longer, sexier and uses a Gossip song. WATCH IT


  1. Be careful, you shouldn't always do what Netflix tells you:

  2. This show is amazing! Are you passed the first season?

  3. yeshhh. im like half way through the 3rd. i could prob finish it in one sitting but damn megaupload will only let you watch 72 minutes at a time. the nerve!!!!

    dude, i forgot to talk about how bonkers cassie is. holy shit. esp in the first episode.

    "ooohhh hi, like wow. like, your a virgin. kewl. wow. do you have any pills? oh yeah. kewl. totally kewl. are they gonna make me wanna eat? no? wow, thats so. kewl."