Thursday, March 18, 2010

don't bother me.

I am having the most amazing night.

*got off work early!
*dropped off a disposable from vegas
*washed my car
*picked up the disposable (pictures are semi-good, but miranda's were better)
*got dinner
*cozied up on my favorite couch in my amazing living room and watched That's Entertainment!
*took a warm bath
*listened to Smog's show (that gossip/aaliyah cover is amazing! ahhhhhhh!)
*sat on my porch (oh my lord it is beautiful outside)
*drinking cold water from the jug

now i am going to:
*paint my nails
*work on my abandoned journal project (will post later)
*watch something. TBD
*enjoy the calm before the storm that is THE STREET FAIR (blah shooooooot me!)
*i also have the urge to cut my hair, but i really shouldn't do that.


for those of you who don't know:

That's Entertainment!

you can watch it in full HERE!

amazing made for t.v. special done in the 70's following the evolution of the MGM musical.

Tim is my favorite, and he gives me presents year round. for example, two weeks ago he gave me my "christmas present" a DVD of That's Entertainment and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The former is extremely sentimental to me and reminds me so much of my amazing Grandmother who introduced me to all the classic MGM's and the latter is well just hilariously amazing.

this isn't in the film, but another song from On The Town is. this is absolutely my favorite though!!!

oh, how they make roman rape and kidnap sound so kitsch and romantic!


ps. if you didn't know before, you do now... I LOVE MUSICALS.


  1. Are you going to share the pictures with us????
    Your night sounds so great, relaxing, cool and fun!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I love musicals too. I guess since I'm totally ashamed to admit this, it's a guilty pleasure. And I totally totally TOTALLY love that Aaliyah cover. I'm going to play it again tonight because I love it so much. :)

  2. p.s. I lurked your photos on Facebook and I wish to echo my previously stated sentiments that you are freaking ADORABLE. There. Posting. NO going back now.