Sunday, March 21, 2010


Vegas was great:

*boys car vs girls car (girls win, OBVOUSLY)
*lady gaga, abba, and david cross in our car
*we made it to vegas!
*we bought waaaayyy too much BOOZE
*Colin's lost I.D. = total bummer
*our room's "first strike" because we were dancing to GAGA.
*getting harassed by a street magician
*girls ditched the boys and roamed the strip in search of dancing.
*found it in the form of three other very drunk boys in front of Planet Hollywood
*BELLAGIO gardens! so beautiful
*"Were the three best friends that ANYONE could have"
*Denny's=shittiest fooooodd EVER
*"why is this floor so fucking wet??"
*Pass the FUCK out.
*Sleep is interrupted every hour or so by Andrew and Niles yelling "Dude we one 50 dollars!" or "Dude, lets go to the hot tub"
*The two party boys getting locked out of the room when trying to get in the hot tub at 6:30 AM and me answering the door to their sad (but so cute) faces
*wake up!
*fuck we don't have ib-profen
*oh well, lets just start drinking again
*pooollll time!
*HOLY SHIT Colin found his I.D.!!!
*strangers in our hotel room..uh, not so cool guys...
*La Salsa and $10 margaritas
*the "Andrew Situation"
*shit got scary
*shit got FUNNNNYYY
*shit got annoying...
*"why are there 4 japanese tv stations and why have we been watching sumo wrestling for an hour?"
*andrew cant find: his wallet, his id, his phone, his PURPLE shirt
*pass the fuck out AGAIN
*wake up at 9 and Niles and Andrew are M.I.A.
*room smells and looks like SHIT
*who decided to make our non smoking room a non-stop smoking room?
*They're back and alive, phewwww...
*On the Road again, buh bye Vegas!

also, miranda and i must have swapped disposables because when i got my last role it had about 20 pictures from her families various functions. it was hilarious to see pictures of her family on christmas and then these pictures of us VERY drunk the other night...

miranda in all three of these pictures is THE BEST.


  1. thank you smog!!! it was fun times. it went by way to fast though...

  2. I love this, hahaha "shit got scary, shit got funny, shit got annoying" sooo true, I wanted to KILL andrew and niles that night.

  3. i thought that summed it up pretty well...

  4. p.s. Yr Tumblr is looking soooo good i'm jealous but I reall yhate that I can't comment (on pretty much all the themes, not just yrs, I coudlnt even find one at all) anyway i really like the new design.