Monday, March 22, 2010

lazy lazy monday

it is monday.
i am super lazy.
i went to class, ate a burrito, and tried watching lost.
i am so bored that i couldn't even get through lost.
so here are some obligitory, "i'm frickin' bored" pics.
a look into my boring life today...

this is what school looks like...

i spend a lot of time here.

and here...

best gift ever, from the best friend ever.

mask collection... and a drawing by Tina (former Bentley's regular)

also, i have been extremely bored with attempting to listen to new music lately. I def. go through phases with this. i am totally in a dry spell right now. I honestly don't have the energy and i just don't really care. I am sooooooo content with right now with abba, CASH, Diamond and Parton.

i DO however love going to live shows. And there is honestly nothing more i love than going to see a band i have heard very little of and falling in love with them during their live set. This is why i love Andy. It took very little convincing for him to get me to see THEE OH SEES with him last week. I had heard at least one song of this band but was willing to hear more.

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. I love when bands choose to play on the floor of solar culture instead of the stage. their energy is unmatchable. I can not imagine listening to them through a zip file i ripped offline and falling even close to as hard as i did for them live. tru tru love. (also the drummer was sooooooo dreamy, so, yes, luv on many levels)

of course, i needed to seal the deal with this gem. thats also the beauty of finding love at a live show, when you want to buy an album you get to look for the prettiest one! cause, hell if you know which one is best! naturally, i bought this beauty (which andy reassured was great) and... it is!

its frickin' pink! iminLOVE.

so please dear friends, take me to shows!

alright, nighty night friends. Ima go play some pool and sip on a brew with the roomie and pretend like i did something useful with my life today.


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