Sunday, April 4, 2010


As an agnostic jew, easter has always meant one thing for me...


yes, I know the rest of the world hates them and thinks they are the scum of the earth, but that just means more for moi!

While I love peeps, i will say that easter is the only appropriate time for them, Fuck this halloween, valentines, christmas Peep bullshit. It is just wrong.

So once a year, I eat peeps.

My mom is fully aware of my love for these treats and has always taken it upon herself to be the main benefactor behind my obsession. Thus, it was beautiful to come home today (i am dogsitting all week) to a bag of peeps on my front porch!

also, to add to my strangeness, I only eat peeps stale. (yeah i know, its weird, but i have actually met other people who do this!) So my mom buys them a few days early and cuts a slit in the plastic.

Isn't she the fucking greatest?????

so i have had a lovely day so far:

*waking up at 12:30
*ignoring school work
*goodwill shopping
*blockbuster going out of business? 3.99 movies? don't mind if i do!
*peeps on my porch
*smoothie time

the weather is so beautiful right now. I never want this afternoon to end. I could sit here blogging on my porch forever.

also, what is this EARTHQUAKE business i have been hearing about? I understand it was pretty crazy in Cali, but everyone on facebook is claiming they felt it here. what?? bizarrreeeee.


So last night was Mr. Free's vinyl release party at Plush.

Erin went as my date, for old times sake. We recollected, like little old ladies, about the good ol' days of weekly bus shows.

"ooohh yes, I remember that first bus show like it was yesterday...."

she hadn't been to any of their shows in at least a year, so she was super stoked.

The show was great. The boys played an amazing set and were summoned back for an encore.

I really am just soooooo proud of these guys. They are so amazingly talented and their passion and energy is infectous. They may think that this is no big deal, but to me it is. I may sound like a sentimental sap right now, but it is true.

here is the record, which again, is AMAZING and everyone should get it!




  1. Your mom sounds freaking awesome ;D!!!!
    Also, your whole day sounds freaking awesome ;P
    And I love that Furlong on your Tumblr... so my favorite actor.

  2. my day was lazy awesome for sure!

    and, oh yesssss, furlong!
    i have been majorly obsessed with that song lately (every 1's a winner by HOT CHOCOLATE) and a coworker reminded me that it is playing in the strip club when he goes in. brilliant!

    also, little known fact, i went to summer camp for 4 years with gene simmons' kids and got to meet him and shannon tweed. so i always get a kick out of that scene