Wednesday, April 7, 2010

window seat, please

This only validates my opinion that the media is clueless when it comes to artistic expression. Even Mr. cooper seems super naive here to me. Too damn bad. Really CBS? You could not find one educated artist, art theorist or critic who could eloquently talk about the "controversy" for a 2 minute spot on your damn morning show????? It is a dammmnnn shame. No wonder America is clueless and in the dark.

"uh, der, i thought she was saying anyone could get shot in america."

"uh, yea, all art has naked woman."

"uh, people get me, cause uh, its comedy, its funny."

"it's the 'kennedy thing' that gets her on television"

"but, uh, art is art."

and miss cbs, broadcaster lady, this was not a fucking publicity stunt. get over yourself.

and for the record, I think this song, video, and woman are just amazing!

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  1. well, i mean, no shit. you can't expect the media to react in any other way than moronically when faced with any sort of thought-provoking comment on the treatment of race and gender in the u.s. all the press that this video has received has just proven what i think is badu's main message: you can't be a naked black woman and be seen simply as a naked black woman.