Friday, May 14, 2010

yeah you're cute, i get it.

My last final is in two hours, and this could not be a worse time to blog, but I couldn't refrain.

The last week I have banned myself from facebook (you already knew that though), and have been forced to find internet distractions elsewhere. Anyways, you guys know how it is when your sifting through blogs and you end up on this crazy trail by clicking through peoples blogs, then clicking on their commentors, then clicking on followers or who they follow, then who knows where you end up...

I love doing this. It is how I have found so many amazing blogs to follow, and interesting, funny and intelligent people to communicate with. HOWEVER, more often then not, I am taken to peoples shitty shitty "fashion" blogs which consists of them taking an insane amount of pictures of themselves (or does someone actually take these photos for them>????? yuch). Yes you are cute, and sure your clothes are great, but this excruciatingly narcissistic method of forcing it down my throat drives me nuts. PLEASE DON'T get me wrong... I LUV seeing funny, cute and goooorgeooous pictures of everyone (especially my beautiful friends), and am a fan of the occasional "hey, i feel super cute today and confident" photos, but I want to barf all over my keyboard when I see more then one photo of a made up little girl doing 15+ contrived poses in the same fuckin' (seen it before, you're not that original for wearing high wasted pants or a short floral strapless dress) outfit!

come on. have a brain.

much love,

ps. if you are reading this NOW, come join me and christian for a brew at 1702 after 4, when my fianl is done, and before 5, when I have to be at work!!!! please! i love you!

note: this does not apply to blogs of sellers, who post the photos of stuff they sell. i get that.

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  1. I could and have gone on forever about fashion blogs and why they are moronic beyond all else. Still, I read them. I have a most-hated list but I'm not gonna name names here because I know they all have Google Alerts on themselves and will just find this and then be all "Boo Hoo someone made fun of me today" and yeah.
    You say stuff I want to have said-ingly,