Wednesday, October 20, 2010


OH MY LORDY! it is an ART BOMB!!!!

(I know it has been a long long time, but I have an exam tomorrow, and thus I am using blogger and this post as a distraction from my studies)

ERIKA SOMOGYI American, 1977

I remember first seeing her work in an issue of TOKION (i think) years back and the impression that one painting left with me has forever stuck. I was blown away by her immaculate sense of serenity blended with the romantic chaos that is, the universe. I find myself attempting to copy her color palette every time I am working on something of my own, but damn, is it impossible. Her work is also what has motivated me to experiment with water colors. She captures so beautifully the experience of one coming to terms with the insanity that is nature, possibly an experience aided by some (heavy) hallucinogens, but nonetheless, mind blowing.

I need to go camping more often...

here is her website (I won't stop anybody from buying me the Divine Light print for sale, if they feel so obliged)

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