Friday, October 22, 2010


I am not sure if I have mentioned this on my blog before but my momma is a MAJOR måJø® BEATLES fan... Like insane fanatic status. Growing up, our living room was basically a living shrine/museum. Dolls, albums, posters, tapestries, prints, collectors plates, etc...

It wasn't until we sold our house and moved about 2 years ago that she found her long lost "Beatles Box" (which she had assumed was lost in the move nearly 16 years earlier). This box includes hundreds of posters, magazines, newspaper clippings, photos, collector cards AND her concert ticket from the 1966 Shea Stadium concert!

Of course, she was more than thrilled to have finally found this box, but more importantly she was able to really share it with me for the first time.

I recently asked her to let me borrow the box. I have been planning on archiving the material and organizing it for her for a long time, and this year I am doing so for her birthday.

Little did I know... this is going to take forever!!! And in addition to making everything archivably safe, I am planning on photographing and/or scanning a great deal of it. Most of this stuff I have never seen and I imagine is very hard to find online. Thus... I will be starting a NEW TUMBLR just for the purpose of sharing all this material.

It is going to be a lot of work, but believe me, it is gonna be worth it. There is some really amazing stuff in that box, including photos or things from a few other artists.

note: my mom's "married"/ "not married" captions on these photos, in her little 12 year old handwriting...
i love this! it is hard to see, but one of the "errors" in the bottom one is mama cass' missing double chin...

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