Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday

oh ya know, just bloggin' about another lazy day.

Gustav and I had a very romantic night.

-rolled outta bed around 2
-pancakes? yes.
-cleaned the house. beer everywhere.
-bath time!
-breakfast for dinner? yes. tofu, veggie sausage and sweet potato home fries (pics later)
-face mask & hot coco
-t.v. time with the meow meow

entirely un-productive...

hung out in my yard (that I am in love with) for a bit

been listening to A LOT of Die Antwoord, and rockin' out.

gustav enjoys watching my madness

was liking the lighting outside, and my "i need to do laundry" outfit

the coldish weather led to this impromptu legwarmer/sandals combo, which i kinda liked...

Gustav has been a total fart monster tonight (more like, EVERY night) and this delightful photo was taken about 3 seconds before he planted to most gruesome SBD...
goodnight my loves,


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