Thursday, November 11, 2010

lazy thursday

getting the day off for federal holidays will never, not be THE BEST.

played an intense game of Pictionary last night with the gang, and was able to SLEEP IN today!!! It was glorious! I put a blanket over my window to keep allllll light out (which I am usually scared to do because I am worried I will never wake up).

woke up around noon and met up with Becky for lunch. Old friends catching up over pho and Vietnamese sandwiches... It was just lovely.

Afterwords I got a bunch of stuff together and headed to Bookman's where I was actually offered quite a bit for a change. about 150 in credit, but unfortunately that only meant 43 in cash (which is what I had gone for...) So I used a bit of the credit to snatch some magazines, books and records and took the rest of the scraps in cash.

I also had time to finally do a little project in my yard!

The rest of my one day vacation has included a yummy meal, a face mask and kitten cuddles...

back to the real world tomorrow...

but, Things to Look Forward To:
-Israel this summer
-east coast tour 2010 (???)
-pumpkin pie
-flanel sheets
-scarves, wool socks and pea coats
-thanksgiving on the Ranch
-getting a desk
-secret santas!
-Bentley's Thanksgiving (the best meal of the year...)

obligatory meow meow pics

got this about 2 weeks too late... who is up for halloween in December??!!??

my little yard project

tonights meal was a taco salad with grilled yellow and mexican grey squash, but this is a photo from another nights amazing meal...

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